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Bed Loft

I recently moved out of my university dorms and got an apartment. I loved having my bed lofted when I lived in the dorms because it gave me so much more usable space in my room. I decided I neded a bed loft for my apartment so I designed one to fit my needs and then built it.

I modeled the entire bed frame in SolidWorks. The bed was designed around a Twin XL mattress. I needed a bookshelf for all my textbooks and I saw a photo once of a bunkbed that had a built-in bookshelf so I decided to do something similar.

With the help of my brother, I was able to build the bed in the course of a day. The bed frame was built to accept a twin XL bed.

I’ve been using the bed frame for over almost 2 months now and it’s worked well. It’s very sturdy and I haven’t had any issues with it as of yet.


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