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Workbench Build

With moving into an apartment I now had room to have a workbench in my room. I looked for a commercial option for a bench, but everything I found either didn’t for my needs or was out of my budget. Like most things, I decided to design my own bench to fit my needs.

I designed the bench top to be 24″x60″ and because I made it tall enough to be at elbow height when I’m standing up. For storage there are two shelves below the bench top and 3 large drawers (The drawers are an ongoing process. Some pics have no shelves, some shows one. I currently have two made and installed, but the third still needs to be completed). The drawers are 19″x22″x8″ and supported by some heavy duty drawer slides that claim that they can withstand 100lb at the tip when fully extended. Because I hate when things fall back behind a desk, I used some of the leftover wood I used for the bench top as a backboard so nothing can be pushed off the back of the desk. I later mounted a large power strip to this backboard.

Currently I am using particle board as a bench top because I already had it laying around. Once the particle board gets too destroyed I’ll replace it with something nice.

The entire bench was designed using SolidWorks.

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